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Charla is a rule breaker and game changer whose sole purpose and passion is to build and mold the self-esteem of women. Hair has been the vehicle she’s used for over 30 years to touch the lives of thousands of women around the Nation.


Charla is an entrepreneur who has successfully owned and operated multiple high-end Hair Salons and has been a mentor to hundreds of stylists. Naturally, women are drawn to her warm, fun and outgoing personality. They not only trust her with their “crown & glory,” they trust her advice.


Charla Saloane has been a trailblazer in the hair-care industry and is an expert when it comes to healthy hair. Charla truly understands that to have a voice is a gift that must be taken seriously and used responsibly. Charla is a wife of 25 years, mother, salon-owner, international educator, celebrity-stylist, entrepreneur, radio host and author.


Mrs. Saloane continues to evolve and lives by the motto “you never know whose dream your dream is connected to.” Her dream is to touch millions of women through writing and public speaking. Her goals are to motivate, empower and inspire them to love who they are, follow their dreams and live their best lives.

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