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CUE HairSpa understands that curly hair is often misunderstood and that the strength is in the curl. CUE is dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about how to grow, style and maintain healthy curly tresses.

Charla D Saloane has taken years of experience as a Professional Stylist, Salon Owner, Industry Educator, Product Developer and Author to develop the best Salon Experience for ladies and girls with curly hair. CUE promises to deliver a premiere, extraordinary, total hair care and wellness experience. CUE will specialize in a convenient, individualized beauty experience that understands the value of your investment in self.

Each CUE Guest will have the privilege of a state of the art hair care experience. We offer a unique time sensitive, systematic approach that guarantees efficient and proficient services in a relaxing, innovative, eco-friendly, ionic atmosphere that is chemically conscious, technology savvy and recycles.


Let CUE Hair Spa Salon take you from unhealthy to healthy so you can wear your natural curls any way you choose with CONFIDENCE!! 

Cue Hair Spa Online

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