STEP 4:Hydra Fixx Replinishing Leave in Conditioner is a light weight spray formula conditioner that serves as a, thermal protectant prior to blow drying the hair. Enriched with key natural elements it replenishes natural emollients nd moisturizers essential for effective style maintenance.


Hydra Fixx Replenishing Leave In Conditioner 8oz

  • Contains: silk amino acids, Hydrogen, Oxygen, aloe, and jojoba oil.



    · Eliminates static

    · Detangles

    · Restores PH

    · Protects against thermal styling

    · Light weight

    · Adds body and sheen

    · Moisturizes


    Instructions for use:

    1. Start with clean hair

    2. Spray liberally saturate clean hair with replenish.

    2. Massage gently into hair.

    3. Comb through with a large toothed comb for even distribution. 6. Section for blow drying or set hair to desired style. Follow up with Ionic styling tools if straightening for best results.

    · Leaves hair soft and silky

    · Smoothes cuticle

    · Enhances manageability

    · Aromatherapeutic

    · Dual usage straight and curly

    · Detangles

    · Thermal protectant

    · No Build up

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