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"FREEING women from the



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Your Curl Authority

The Curly Girl Bible embodies creating an understanding for girls and women of all ages to learn how to manage, maintain, and feel amazing about their curly hair. This book unveils the truth around the mystery of curl patterns, hair texture, and type.


The Curly Girl Bible defines "'cur/'osophy" as creating a positive self-image for all girls and women with curly hair. Curly hair is one of the most diverse topics that young women deal with. Curly hair has caused much controversy in the world. From schools to the work place, this is a topic that will always be discussed. It is our belief that if you can embrace your curls then you can embrace who you are and that helps to create a positive self-image.


The Curly Girl Bible teaches us that when it comes to healthy hair, the strength is always in the curl. We have dedicated this bible to teaching you everything you need to know about how to grow, style, and maintain healthy curly tresses. Curly Girl Bible gives us instructions for curly hair, including how to care for it, how to grow it and how to love it. The Curly Girl Bible teaches the Do's and Don'ts about curly hair. The Curly Girl Bible is the instruction

authority and manual for curly hair.

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