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The TRUTH about Hair Extensions

Make no mistakes about it hair extensions have become a huge part of the beauty industry. Hair extensions, wigs, and adornment are not a new trend, they date back as far as ancient Egyptian times. Extensions in those days were used as a sign of wealth and beauty. In modern times they represent Beauty, Glamour, Creativity, Change, and even Sexiness.

Extension and wigs today are worn by all that desire them.

Because of the affordability and easy installation methods everyone can add some form of extension if they desire. Hair Units are not just for women or men losing their hair any more, they now are a simple accessory just like earrings or a scarf. Whatever look you desire can be achieved with Couture Hair Collection Extensions or Hair Units.

Today’s extension hair market is humongous, there are 1000’s of hair companies claiming to have quality extensions that are 100% human hair. A lot of these companies are stretching the truth dramatically.

In the past to have real authentic human hair would cost in the $1000’s. Authentic hair use it was very rare and only the wealthy could afford to use 100% human hair. That is not the case today hair supply and demand are at an all-time high and the extension industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Today the best quality extensions are made with human hair mostly derived from India and processed in china. 90% of all hair is processed in china and shipped to the US.

Only about 10% of hair sold in the US is authentic Indian hair derived from 1 donor with one cut. All other human hair is drawn from human hair clippings. Couture Hair Collection breaks “Hair Quality” into a tier system to create a better understanding about what you are using .

  • Tier 1: hair is 100% virgin human hair that comes from the hair that is cut off of 1 donor.

  • Tier 2: generally has little to no split ends and has what is considered a natural fall.

  • Tier 3: is typically sold in its natural state, It can be steam processed to create curl patterns such as deep wave and curly, comes in natural colors of brown and can be easily colored without compromising the integrity of the hair.

The hair can be reused and recolored multiple times up to 2 years as long as it is cared for properly, it can withstand heat up to 450 degrees and will return to its originally purchased curl pattern after being shampooed. T1 hair and makes up only 7% of the 10 % of authentic Human hair sold in the US. This hair is generally found and sold exclusively in hair boutiques and online. Prices can range from $100 to $475 and are sold in lengths of 8-32 inches. For more information and to order the best 100% human hair extensions and bundle deals visit

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