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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Don't let natural hair cause division.

I was shocked, stunned, and amazed to be kicked out of a natural hair group mainly composed of black women with curly hair wanting answers about how maintain, care for, and style curly and kinky hair!

I’m thinking great fit ...I’m a Healthy and Natural Hair Guru for over 30 years. I can help these women; I was wrong as two left shoes … I could help but what I discovered was that the leader of the page did not want professional advice if it contradicted anything that she said or thought. I failed to read the rules, they were stated. The natural hair beef was disguised as a question. ” Why would anyone want to wear their hair straight since they took the time to go natural?” Harmless question, I noticed the responses had turned into a bashing session about a curly or kinky haired women’s preference as to how she should wear her hair … my statement was

“To each her own, I love curly hair because of the versatility it affords us, so certainly we won’t cause division about something as awesome as natural hair.”

I then explain, that it’s such a challenge to transition from chemically processed hair to natural hair or what I now call from damaged hair to healthy hair that I created categories for natural haired Curl-Friends to understand their hair choices, which I stated.

Category 1:

Relaxer-Free Curl-Friends who have transitioned but still choose to wear color and rotate back and forth between straight and curly styles.

Category 2:

Chemical-Free Curl-Friends who wear no relaxer or color but will rotate between straight and curly styles.

Category 3:

Organically-Natural Curl-Friends who wear no chemicals, do not use thermal tools and only use products derived from plants that are made without chemicals.

For this awesome information, that I believe is helpful if you want to understand natural hair categories. I got a “GIRL BYE, wrong page”. I say “I’m not understanding something; this is a natural hair page that you invited me to join correct? She said “wrong page you don’t get it … and deleted me. I’m in shock…and so appalled that I asked around about this. This is what I’m told …… ” The curly and kinky haired ladies that don’t straighten their hair have a problem with the ones that do”. What… Are You Serious? This is a serious problem we have been divided for years light against dark, tall against short, long hair against short hair, thick against thin, …. Ladies we will not be divided because of curl patterns and style choices. We have much larger issues to deal with… Donald Trump is the POTUS!!!

As Curl-Friends let’s come together to empower, inspire, and motivate each other. Let’s not prove Willie Lynch correct with this foolish division. Social Media is an awesome platform especially if you have as many as 23k followers use it wisely. Connect and Dialogue with us, let’s be the change we want to see …. not look at things as they are but as they should be ….

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